Services for Active Duty, Veterans and their families

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This website is designed for members of the military, Veterans, their families and advocates. The goals of are to help Service members and Veterans:

  • access benefits
  • find free legal help, and
  • better understand their legal issues.

Many websites offer info for military households or Veterans. The mission of is to index the best legal info at hand in one easy-to-use site. The site also has interactive forms, videos, and legal reports.  

Info for specific locations around the country is on hand so that local resources may be accessed.  The website tries to deliver answers to Service members' and Veterans' questions using plain English. Read more about Stateside Legal content and website features here.

Looking for a lawyer or legal advocate in your area to help you with a VA benefits claim?  Go here.  Remember that an advocate is not allowed to charge you fees for help on your basic claim but can charge fees for help with an appeal. Brochure

Kansas Legal Services provides legal assistance for Veterans and their families.

Application online at Kansas Legal Services, or call (800-723-6953)


Wounded Warriors Program for Kansas Veterans

The Wounded Warrior Project offers free support and services to about 60,000 Veterans across the country. The office at 7400 College Blvd. in Overland Park serves Veterans in Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska and Iowa. Read more about the Kansas program here.

The Wounded Warrior Project serves post-9/11 Veterans who were physically or mentally injured as part of their military service. That includes “out of sight wounds” like PTSD and military sexual trauma as well as traumatic brain injuries and other disabilities. 

All services are free to Veterans, their families and carers. The nonprofit Wounded Warrior Project began 10 years ago and is headquartered in Jacksonville, Fla. Its 2013 budget of nearly $219 million was all funded by private donations. Eighty percent of the budget went to providing services, 16 percent to fundraising and 4 percent to administrative costs.

Click here to read info from the Social Security Administration about Disability Benefits for Wounded Warriors.

Go to for more information.

Help for Veterans and their families going through homelessness


Veterans are proven leaders. But they’re also human. Veterans can face money problems and mental health challenges, or retreat from family and friends as they adjust to civilian life. Don’t ignore the hardships that could risk the health, income, or homes of Veterans you know.

The U.S. Office of Veterans Affairs (VA) has set aside new resources for ending Veteran homelessness. For Veterans who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless, VA is here to help.

Make the Call to 877- 4AID-VET (877- 424 - 3838) or chat online at to help Veterans access the services they have earned.

There is no “typical” Veteran. Your oldest buddy, the store clerk, the woman playing with her children at the park— they all may be Veterans at risk of homelessness. VA is committed to ending Veteran homelessness by the end of 2015. VA is able to do this because it provides a wide range of services to suited Veterans who are homeless or at imminent risk of becoming homeless, including:

• Health care

• Safe housing and temporary rental assistance

• Job training and financial counseling

• Help paying for child care or moving expenses

• Foreclosure avoidance through guaranteed loans

These resources—and others provided by local agencies— have already helped thousands of Veterans. We are here to make sure that those who served our country get the help they need. But no one can end homelessness alone.

Ask anyone you meet who is dealing with homelessness if he or she is a Veteran. Free support is open 24/7 from the National Call Center for Homeless Veterans at 877- 4AID-VET. You can also visit the Homeless Veterans Download Center to access printable brochures, posters, and Web banners that can help you raise knowledge in our community at  




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Services for Active Duty,  Veterans and their families

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