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When States Recoup Medicaid Costs by Seizing Family Homes, Poor Families Suffer While State Budgets Are Barely Affected  MAY 2024 Eric Carlson, Director, Long-Term Services and Supports Advocacy
Did you know Kansas residents age 60 or older might have free legal guidance available to them? The Elder Hotline is a program of Kansas Legal Services, where private attorneys volunteer their time to field calls. If you'd like to see if this program is available to you, please call 316-267-3975, 8 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday. You will be connected to an operator who will complete an application for possible help or guidance.
 Jeremiah Battle, National Consumer Law Center  
Kansas has an elder abuse statute (K.S.A. 21-5417) that makes it a crime to take money from elders who are 60 or older and for powers of attorney to misuse funds. Do you know someone who is being financially abused by a trusted person or power of attorney? It’s no longer a “family issue.” It is a crime.
KLS works with the Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services (KDADS) and the Area Agencies on Aging as a part of the state aging network. Older Americans Act funds are added together with LSC and other private funds to address this growing area of need.  Medicare Interactive
This is a quick question and answer about credit card debt and what happens when the debtor dies. There are also links to other legal issues facing the elderly and it is worthwhile to browse this site for more useful information.
This packet can be used to terminate a guardianship of a person who has died. It includes instructions, petition for termination of guardianship, order for termination of guardianship, and the guardian's final report. If there is also a conservatorship separate action must be taken because the court tracks the final distriubtion of the remaining funds. 
Your estate consists of everything you own: your home, personal property, car, land, stocks and bonds, life insurance and any other property in which you have an ownership interest. Estate planning is a plan for how you will acquire property, use it, conserve it and, perhaps most importantly, how it will be transferred upon your death. There is no way to determine your wishes regarding distribution of your property after your death unless you take appropriate steps prior to your death. Estate planning can be beneficial no matter what the size of the estate. 
This site give you a way to compare nursing care facilities by rankings, survey inspection reports and overall ratings. Find the best facility for you and your family.

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